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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Birthday Present List

Everyone keeps asking what I want for my birthday so here are some thoughts (don't all go and buy the same things now):

1. Some nice photos of people for my house/desk (nice ones, even of the surprisingly less photogenic people please - why such jolly people as Fred and Kathryn scowl in most photos I do not know).

2. Lord of the Rings extended version in Spanish (still have the 40 quid christmas money for this so perhaps a supplement and I'll buy it!)

3. Latest Harry Potter book (due out in July!)

4. Sports tops, cycling tops or t-shirts from vegetarian society or that veggie sports club

5. Lightweight Binoculars (Kathryn!)

6. Understated cycling glasses but not as uncool as present pair!

7. Apple iLife 2005 (probably cheaper to buy in US)

8. Apple OSX 10.4 Tiger

Oh there, now I start to write my list I forget all the other things I was thinking of...

More on this later.


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