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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oops - Geek interlude - now have new printer Samsung scx-4200 attached to Vista Laptop and can print wirelessly from Mac OS X 10.4

I have just bought a new printer and wondered if I could set up a more functional home wireless network so i could print from my walkabout Mac and relegate my brand new Dell Laptop with Vista on it to a print server.

I got a bit carried away with it and as usual it is hard to set up sharing between PC and Mac but the key bit of information I needed was in this post.

The new Printer is a multi-function laser printer (copier/scanner/printer) by Samsung and looks very plastic but works well. I think, at 99 quid ($200) it's a steal. It's MUCH MUCH cheaper to run than an inkjet. That's another little job out of the way! Excellent.


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