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Monday, October 08, 2007

It's funny being back

I was sitting in Denny's last night. I forgot to eat until it was too late and only Denny's was open. As I sat there I started to notice the ambient music they were playing. It felt like the corporation had done some study about what would be the best ambient music for their customers and had made a corporate standard Denny's tape. One of the waitresses was singing along. I guess if you hear it all day long you soon learn all the words to all of the corporate songs. I wonder if a psychologist helped them choose the best music. It's a shame the staff working there are not given the freedom to play whatever music they want. Sometimes they might make an inappropriate choice but at least the place would have more colour.

Turning to the food, I ordered Mozzarella sticks to start with (fat, salt & a small amount of protein). I had a salad with ranch dressing (vitamins & fat) and then had a veggie burger with seasoned fries (fat, salt, carbs & a small amount of protein). I smothered everything in ketchup (sugar). I also had a fruit juice (sugar - high fructose corn syrup - & a small amount of vitamins from the fruit juice). I really don't think it is possible to eat healthily in Denny's.

There is something wrong with this corporate thing, pushing products as they do and appealing to our tastes in trivial ways by covering everything in sugar, fat and salt.

I'm off to Comma Coffee for breakfast where someone will undoubtedly be playing their own music.


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