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Friday, October 26, 2007

Throw out the TV and fill your mind with TED Talks

On returning home I am exploring the multi-channeled digital TV service my lodger wanted me to have installed. There are hundreds of channels to watch. Mostly repeats. There is often very little on telly to watch.

I got an email from TED today and it was a timely reminder of the fantastic quality of talks available online from Ted Talks. If you want to be entertained by the world's leading movers and shakers, get on over to TED and have a browse.


At 12:33 pm, Anonymous Paul said...

Fix the link buddy!

At 1:10 pm, Blogger litsl said...

Thanks Paul - Goofed a bit there!

At 8:51 pm, Anonymous Paul said...

BTW... I forgot to say... did you see this video on TED?


Photosynth & Seadragon technologies. One of the few things that made me go wow in '07.


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