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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Finally made it to Canada - 1,563 miles total for me

It's taken a few days to get online!

We got to Canada on 1st October in the evening and camped at BORDOR. We hiked the 8 miles to Manning Park the next day in the rain.

Getting to Canada from Stehekin was quite something. Our first day out was drier than we expected since there was a little clear spot in the clounds above us though it was raining close by. The next day out was also ok just a bit damp and cold.

On the third day we awoke and had not been rained on as expected but as we started to hike towards Rainy Pass we soon ran into some snow. At first it was just very pretty - the first real snow we had seen. After a while though the snow got deeper and kept falling very wet. It was so cold we couldn't take any breaks and we hiked on nonstop for 17 miles in deterioating conditions up Cut Throat Pass. For a while we had been following footprints of 2 other hikers but near Hart's Pass they turned off the trail. I thought they may have stopped for a rest so I called out to see if I could find them. I got no reply so we checked the map and found that this was a bit of a short cut but more importantly, was more sheltered. When we got to Hart's Pass we met them, Eddie and Meeghan - a really nice couple. Out There and me told them of our information about an Emergency Shelter a few miles ahead, a Yurt, and we talked them into heading there with us. A hunter offered to drive us into town or a bit nearer to the Yurt, but only 2 at a time. Eddie and Meeghan went first to try and find this yurt (which was 300 yards off the trail, brown and hidden in the trees and visibility was very low). Whilst Out There and I waited (in the pit toilet to hide from the wind and cold) he decided to get to town to cancel his flight since we were now going to be late to finish. I went on alone and followed Eddie and Meeghan's footsteps - all the way to the Yurt I hoped. Unfortunately I found them first and we had to have a traumatic search for the Yurt between us. Shelter was a big priority. After quite some time we found it and we thrilled to find it had a decent fireplace and even beds in there.


Ah well, more on that later. Basically we made it albeit by fighting through 2 feet of snow at times (wearing running shoes). On the 4th day out we hiked 26 miles non stop.


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