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Monday, January 29, 2007

Skiing at Heavenly - just for a couple of hours

Conditions have not been great. There's quite a bit of ice and has not been much snow. Some rocks were poking through the snow in places where they shouldn't have been. Oddly I could see ok with my googles though i heard others complaining. The best thing about poor conditions though, were the absence of people!

I went up the big dipper ride today but came down Orion. It was GREAT. I had it to myself and could only just prevent myself WHOOPING. I'll head up there again! I tried the comet lift too and that was pretty entertaining as well. Heavenly seems to have a lot of decent blue runs. I will have to explore black runs next, perhaps when there is a bit more snow.

I havent even fallen over yet so am clearly not pushing it!

I shared a chair with a volunteer ski patroller. Quite interesting. He volunteers 14 days a year and gets ski passes for his family in exchange. It takes a year's training in EMT, Avalanches and how to ride snow mobiles and operate lifts and stuff. Not a bad deal.

The last run of the day was very special today. I always linger about a bit so I get the place to myself. Nice!

Kevin, from The Sporting Rage (TSR) asked me to test a product for them. You'll see these rubber grips on the bottom. These are pretty neat. I walk half a mile along the road to the chair lift and these things make it quite a bit nicer to walk than in just ski boots and they grip very well in the ice and snow.

On the last run I strained my right adductor a bit.



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