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Sunday, November 25, 2007

A more successful Apple Crumble

I was getting a bit inundated with vegetables and had a new delivery on friday so it was time to cook.

I have still managed to throw NOTHING of my organic veg away without using it. Lettuce though, seems the highest risk item on that front.

Today I chopped up a lot of pretty floppy celery, added a couple of root vegetables, a reclaimed orange pepper (one of my lodgers had binned it), an apple I found during my run, garlic and onions and a handful of pulses and made some soupy stew, then put some mashed up potatoes on the top and baked a pretty nice shepherds pie. I managed to eat well and also stash a couple of other decent portions into the freezer - my home made 'ready meals'.

My last batch of apples was getting a bit wrinkly so I had a second go at apple crumble. I slammed in lots of cinnamon, a little sugar, a few cloves, and some flaked almonds I found in the cupboard (dated 2002 but they tasted, reasonable). This time, I didn't follow a recipe when it came to adding the fat to the crumble, I just added a little, bit-by-bit until it looked right, then I added a load of oatmeal, and hey presto - I finally got the apple crumble this right time! GREAT. So nice that I only managed to get one spare ready meal out of that batch (though I spotted a heavily ladened apple tree today in no-mans land so I might have to go scrumping).

Nice grub!


At 12:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't your Mom ever teach you not to put things in your mouth that you found on the ground?~Sienna


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