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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Do something eco today - reduce your junk mail

My green friend Karen told me about a website called www.catalogchoice.org. This is a US-based website allowing US citizens to opt out of catalogs they recieve through the post. This could have quite an impressive impact on the environment, not to mention on your post pile!

The website makes the following claims (without any references):
  • Over eight million tons of trees are consumed each year in the production of paper catalogs.
  • Nearly half of the planet’s original forest cover is gone today. Forests have effectively disappeared in 25 countries, and another 29 have lost more than 90% of their forest cover.
  • Deforestation contributes between 20% and 25% of all carbon pollution, causing global climate change.

In the UK we already have some pretty impressive services to reduce our junkmail. These include:
  • Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
  • Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS)
  • Mailing Preference Service (MPS)
  • Fax Preference Service (FPS)
  • Baby Mail Preference Service (BMPS)

Thanks Karen!


At 10:30 pm, Blogger MissGreen said...

Glad you liked it, Carl. I think the interface is really nice too. It's so easy and enjoyable to find catalogs and decline them. It makes you want to use the service, not only to decrease the huge volume of catalogs being sent and received, but also because of the great user experience.

I think they did a fantastic job with the site. They have created a user interface that has a positive impact and is an elegant and user-friendly design. As a user interface designer, this level of quality is something to strive for.



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