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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Chatting with Jane Asher (Swimming Hall of Famer)

I've been exchanging a few emails with Jane Asher over the last week or so. It seems funny to have to tell people who she is, though most swimmers know. I first heard of Jane because she would win the 5km Swimathon event in her agegroup every year. I then watched her teammates set a world record for the 320 years relay (everyone was over 80).

In chatting I discovered that Jane holds 26 out of a possible 35 World Records in her agegroup for different swimming events. She really is a superstar and what's more, she is 75 years old. Whipper snappers can expect to not see her for dust in the pool unless they are exceptional swimmers.

Jane got in touch with us recently because she would like to swim in Paula's fun gala in aid of the Angel Fish Cambodia, on November 24th. We don't think Jane yet holds the record for the egg and spoon race so it could be quite competitive on the day!


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