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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A few days in Seattle

Spent a few days in Seattle with Erin and Isaac.

Erin found an Isaac friendly cake with a huge dollup of sickly icing on top (Isaac preferred the sponge part).
Isaac loves space so much I couldn't resist showing him Star Wars trailers on the internet. I wasn't sure it was a good idea to show him space ships shooting things and wondered what Erin would think of it. As he watched Isaac started saying, over and over, "I wish I was in that movie", and then, "I really really WISH I was in that movie". He seemed to be really wishing it. I asked Erin if he'd ever said anything like it before and she told me he hadn't. We decided to rent out the cinema room of Erin's apartment block and watch the fill Star Wars Episode 1. The young man seemed to love it, especially the space ships and the pod racers, though the talking bits were a bit boring for him, leading to much bouncing on the sofas and building spaceships from cushions. It's quite a long movie, too long for a young man, so perhaps the next ones could be seen in shorter episodes.

This week was also part of the Survivor Challenge. To get the 30 minute exercise in Erin and I did some circuit training sessions some nights and on others I went for a run, one night running from Mercer Island to Seattle (a nice run but longer than I expected).

Leaving Seattle I discovered very nice fish and chips at the airport. My flight was oversold so by volunteering to take a much later flight I got a free Alaska Airlines flight anywhere and some food vouchers. It was ok working at the airport and I even found a free wireless hotspot next to the Alaska ticket counter (near gate 2 I think).


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