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Friday, March 26, 2010

Todae still selling Halogen lights and calling them ECO!

I got a mailshot today from Todae in Australia, it went like this...

My first thought was, 'great they have stopped selling halogen bulbs and calling them eco'. So I had a quick look at their website, only to see a whole range of halogen bulbs still for sale. I point this out to professor David MacKay on a previous occasion and he felt they were deserving of a prestigious 'Hot Air Oscar' nomination for boldest appropriation of the word eco.

Sadly they are still selling 35W Halogen bulbs with the strapline, "These 35w halogen downlights are the ultimate in energy efficient halogen downlights"

Poor show.


At 9:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately eco and capitalism will always head-butt, the stores that start out with good intentions end up losing their way.
Todae is no different to Neco who have the strange idea that usng using those horrible plactic foam and peanuts are not damaging to the environment.
Ecopia is probalby the only true eco shop on the internet these days and they dont even edvertise the fact, good show Ecopia!


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