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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Direct Action - Monbiot's attempted citizens arrest of John Bolton for war crimes

I was impressed to read that George Monbiot took a bit of direct action recently when he tried to arrest the former under secretary of state at the US State Department for War Crimes.

Not enough people these days, stand up to be counted. I was disappointed at the recent Heathrow 'No' protest to be among only 3,000 people and further saddened to discover that some of the more photogenic members of the protest were paid to be there. The stilt walkers may support the cause but most of them, if not all of them, were hired to join the march. We were left with a march of locals whose village is to be destroyed and a few environmentalists. I guess most people were just annoyed at another disruption around Heathrow and don't engage with the scientific fact that if we don't cut our CO2 emissons by 90% in just 20 years, the environmental feedback effects will kick in and we will be unable to do anything about global warming - it will spell the end of humanity. We'll we've had a good run and made some fun toys along the way so perhaps that's fine.

For now though, I'm with Monbiot, let's make a bit of a noise about injustice and try to bring some attention to the problem we all face. When I say, 'face' I think for many people 'arse' would be a better way to describe their confrontation of the issue, given that their heads are buried firmly in the sand.


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