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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ran 8 miles in the fens - Juliet's hosted sunday run

The tri club has started doing long runs on a sunday hosted by various individuals. This weekend Juliet hosted it at her place in Reach and led us on a run out to Wicken Fen. I'm not sure exactly what she does but she's a scientist working in wildlife (birds). Anyway - we got quite a tour guide!

The run was nicely paced but we split into 2 groups in the end. The lead group running sub-8 min/mile and the slower group running about 9 min/mile.

My legs felt very stiff after the cycling and I struggled a bit to hang out with those at the front. After about 6 miles, Gordon (an old mate from Smallworld) and I took the opportunity to join the slower group as we bumped into them in the fen somewhere.

On arrival back at Juliet's we had a bit of a stretch whilst being entertained by some shinanigans on trampoline, with Dave B particularly impressive.

We quickly went inside at the mention of tea and home made carrot cake of which there were lots, of high quality and seconds!

A nice way to top off my re-introduction to Cambridge Tri club.


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