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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tri club riding 55 miles and AGM

Ivan has been trying to convince me for some time to join them for the saturday morning tri club ride-out. I've missed cycling a lot so I built my bike on friday and showed up. About the only person I recognized was Juliet Vickery, which was lucky because she's really nice and introduced me around. I later found out she is nationally ranked 1st in her agegroup, which if you saw her would not be surprising. She's quick on the bike.

We had a great ride-out in the pack of about, perhaps 15-20 people. The pace was ok and I managed to take a turn at the front for a while with Maz and Ivan. I got into a bit of trouble because I went a bit too fast and then was a bit inconsistent. Most riders stop at a garden centre for a cuppa and some cake but Juliet, Ivan and me had things to do so we headed straight back. I casually asked how far it was back home and was surprised that it was 16 miles. We set off but it soon became apparent that Ivan and Juliet wer seriously on form and I was slowing. Ivan hates to drop anyone so came back but I sent him off with Juliet to keep up the good pace they were doing. Soon after I found a fish and chip shop in Toft! What fun though. Great to ride in a group again and on a fast bike. A friendly bunch too and well chosen route off the main roads. It didn't stop a number of motorists becoming impatient though and honking as they passed. Sometimes they seem to honk if you are not cycling on the cycle path. On the way back I tried it. Those motorists that honk should try it too. The cycle path on the south side of cambridge is awful. Really bumpy and messed up and not maintained like a road is. I can see why they are not used by serious cyclists.

I was invited to the tri club AGM tonight too, at the Red Lion in Histon. It was an impressive affair allowing an insight into how much people put in to their club and how much these folks do! We had food and a pub quiz too (our team, 'Fish on Bicycles' nearly won it too!).

I've been away from the tri club for quite some time and am very pleased to return and find a very good spirit of fun amid the seriousness of competition.


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