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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blue Lakes Fiasco

I'm really sorry we didn't make it to Blue Lakes campground at a respectable time. It was quite a day.

Our guidebook just said, "car campground" and we thought that was Blue Lakes. When we got there we were surprised to not be at Blue Lakes at all but another car campground not shown on our map, "Sunrise Lake" beyond Tamarac Lake. When we checked Blue Lakes was another 3.7 miles away. It was 18:30 when I got to Sunrise Lake. I didn't manage to get to the Blue Lakes Road until 19:58 and didn't get Sienna's note until 15 minutes later after running down the hill.

It was a long day. I did about 27 miles that day and we anticipated doing 20. About 4 miles of mine was doubling back for various reasons. The last time was when we reached Blue Lakes Rd and realized there was no water ahead for 5 miles and the nearest behind was 1 mile back. We had previously run out of water during the day - the first time on the whole trip for me. We were a little disappointed to go to bed without meeting you guys and tucking in to those burgers and ice cream.

So sorry to have put you out driving up that far only to miss you. I look forward to seeing some of you in Lake Tahoe.


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