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A blog I started whilst on a GE "Bubble" assignment in Nevada. I'm back in Cambridge (UK) now but still miss the desert and my friends out there.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sonora Pass - Bridgeport pit stop - 560 miles to here

We reached Sonora Pass last night and camped at a breezy spot up there. We had the offer of a ride at 4am and 10am but decided to split the difference and take our chances hitching. After an hour we saw our first car. A pick-up. I think we smiled so much at having seen a car that the guy couldn't refuse to let us jump in the back with his fishing tackle and get thrown about in the back as we wiggled down Sonora Pass. It's a tricky road, emphasized by the jack-knifed semi (lorry) we saw halfway up.

We got to Bridgeport for about 9am. We've now done washing, got somewhere to stay and have had breakfast and lunch. No coke yet but lots of tea and a Newcastle Brown Ale.

I have had a look at how the next few days might pan out. If anyone would like to come hiking for a day or two, please feel free. We rarely stick exactly to plan but this should give you a rough idea where we'll be. If you are trying to find us, it might help to know that I am wearing size 12 montrail hardrock shoes - quite a distinctive track! My phone works rarely but might be worth a try 775 309 3353. In any event, worth chatting to Sienna since she'll best know how to find me I think.

Thursday: Plan ~15 miles (perhaps a bit less) to Boulder Creek (mile 1032.3)
Friday: Plan ~17 miles to Highway 4 Ebbert's Pass (mile 1049.9)
Saturday: Plan ~15 miles to "car camping site" up Blue Lakes Rd (mile 1064.9)
Sunday: Plan ~15 miles to Carson Pass (mile 1078.7)
Monday: Plan ~15 miles to Highway 50 (hitchhike to South Lake Tahoe) (mile 1093)

It's odd to be in town. I guess I had better go and try to buy some trail food for the next few days.

I called GE earlier to see if they would extend my relocation package end date so I have a chance of getting to canada. It won't cost anything different but rules are rules I suppose. It seems unlikely but if anyone is able to twist the arm of a senior GE manager I'm sure all things are possible :-)

Anyhow, everything is ok. My toe seems to be better. The long shirt and pants work well against the mosquitoes and the permetherin seems to do the trick too. Biting insects are still a pain but nothing like as bad as they have been.


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