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A blog I started whilst on a GE "Bubble" assignment in Nevada. I'm back in Cambridge (UK) now but still miss the desert and my friends out there.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Heading for civilization (well Bridgeport anyway)

We got going at a reasonable time and pretty soon Tom appeared. I hadn't seen him for about 300 miles or more and he looked great. Berta was close behind him too, steaming along and looking pretty funny with her dirty white hat and long socks. She could almost have been English not Canadian.

Tumbleweed and Tom met for the first time this morning, having both hiked 1,000 miles. Tom said, "Hi" and continued. Tom doesn't seem to say much even after 1,000 miles.

Berta and Tom were racing to South Lake Tahoe to get to the post office by noon on Saturday so they were really hauling. We let them go (unfortunately).

We had a really nice hike today. The landscape changed and turned volcanic. Sonora turned out to be a dramatic if extremely breezy ridge to Sonora Pass. Basil and Bull took a different route to go to Reno to eat Sushi (which seemed very crazy to me, especially since I know the roads between here and Reno). Tumbleweed and Happyfeet were heading for the other Kennady Meadows, which was a hitchhike in the other direction from Bridgeport but we were to camp with them for one more night anyway.

All of my food is gone now apart from Oatmeal - that never seems to run out. I had some Chi left too. The waist belt on my pack is now so loose it worries me a bit but I feel ok.

Tumbleweed was having a little trouble with his feet today and I felt great. I spent an hour trying to think how to offer to carry something from his pack for him but in the end I couldn't think how to persuade him. When I asked he just refused. We chatted for a while though and he told me some of his PRs - 2:49 for a marathon and 6 hours for a 50 miler. He's quite a runner.

Tomorrow we hitch-hike to bridgeport for breakfast and to resupply.


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