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Friday, December 01, 2006

Advice from Terry

As I left the building tonight I bumped into Terry, my running coach. She has been very enthusiastic about my ultra run and told me that with her first ultra she just went out to go the distance. I have known Terry and Dave Adams long enough now to know there is a need to factor in a certain 'coefficient of Adams' in any conversation about sport. They are both extremely modest and in equal extreme, incredibly fit.

I was therefore not surprised to discover that Terry won her first ultra - and it was on the professional circuit at the time (they got extra points for doing ultras).

The thing I've learned about sport is that there is always someone better than you. In my case they are often 10 or 20 years older than me to. It's all good, humbling and inspirational at the same time. I never feel competitive or jealous or anything about such people, just admiration and respect and considerable motivation from them to just get out there. It's really nice to hang out with people this tough who understand well what it takes to run 50k. The shared understanding is more of a silent nod than a HUGE WOW. As much as anything I feel that these folks know that running 50k is not a massive deal. It's tough yes but it is what it is.



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