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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Snow-Shoeing Mount Rose (8 miles?)

Sienna led this Bently Adventures trip to Mount Rose and it was just Rich and me who showed up.

We're not had much snow yet so were not too sure we would need the snow shoes. Making our personal decisions, Sienna took nothing, Rich took snow shoes (both left!) and I brought trekking poles. I figured if someone got in trouble the other 2 would have a snow shoe each and would carry the third person.

We took the entertaining and shorter way up towards Rose and soon lost the path amid the small sprinkling of snow that was there. We continued on up and up and finally along a snowy ridge, which we had the decency not to slide down. The snow eventually gave way to a volcanic looking surface (which looked especially funny with Rich standing on it in snow shoes). Sienna used to work for the USGS and knew a bit of geology, so I asked about the rocks. She switched into Mrs Scientist mode and started explaining all about rocks with geological jargin, including some I had never heard before, such as when the rocks 'blurp' up in the molten magma and sometimes form 'nubbits'. I really should have paid more attention in school.

From the ridge we got a bit lost and had to drop down a few hundred feet before heading for Rose proper.

We encountered a little ice including a dodgy section on top of a little river but it held ok. Then we started up Rose proper. We found some pretty slippery snow on a narrow trail but managed to not slide to our deaths.

With getting lost and suchlike it was getting a bit late so we picked a lunch spot in the snow and sat on some rocks. I had my foam sit mat, which was very nice on the snow. I got out my stove and made some hot chocolate which was pretty welcomed. My only mistake was bringing little paper cups left over from some party or another. I hadnt realised they were waxed. So, we had a nice few servings of chocolate and wax and a little rest.

By now it was getting late so we gave up on our quest for the summit, some 1,500ft above and plodded home. We'll, we plodded back to the car and went to eat mexican food at a little place in Incline village. Pretty nice, especially the ESB beer.



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