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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tahoe Rim Trail Section Hike / Run - Day 3 - Mount Rose - Brockway Summit - 20 miles/38,233 pedometer steps/7 hours

Day 3 of our section run / hike dawned pretty cold. It was well below freezing at Incline Village below us and we hiked to 10,500ft some 4,000ft higher. We had long trousers on today, a couple of running tops, a thermal layer, windproof layer, hat and gloves. In the sun though it was quite pleasant, though the wind, when it came was biting.

This is definately the best way around to do this section. A 5 mile uphill to start, from 8,500 to 10,500. The way up was along a dirt road so was quite easy going. We used our trekking poles a little but the climb didn't really need it. The next section along a ridge wasn't quite as flat as we hoped. After what seems like a long time we found our lunch spot, a little over halfway.

The last 8 miles of the route was pretty much all downhill on good trail. By now we were feeling some aches and pains from doing 55 miles in 3 days. Adam hid it best running hard until the end - we caught him up some time later.

A good day, though a little slower than yesterday. A great route for a run though! Splendid views south to Job's Peak and North to the ranges there - I wondered if we could see Lassen today, we could certainly see a couple of big peaks to the north.

We seem to be having trouble digesting sandwiches, running soon after eating. Tomorrow we're going to skip sandwiches and have cereal bars instead.


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