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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tahoe Rim Trail Section Hike / Run - Day 2 - Spooner to Tahoe Meadows (Mount Rose) - 23 miles/40,610 pedometer steps/7 hours

We headed north from Spooner. For about 5 miles this goes up hill. Adam and Natale were disappointed by our pace and worried we wouldnt have time to finsh. We had been walking the hills and running the flat or downhill. At this point they invented the notion of a slope - a gentle hill that is runable.

The next few miles were rather flat so we made up some time and relaxed a bit. We all wanted to get halfway before lunch though, and that was pretty tough. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans helped get us there.

We were glad to find a trunk filled with water after 15 miles at the campsite. The Tahoe Rimn Trail Association supplied this in exchange for a donation (which we paid).

We eventually stopped for lunch around mile 17 at Twin Lakes, which was beautiful.

After lunch it was hard to get back into the run but we managed to run a little and walk fast too.

Ultimately we were very glad to get back to the car. The 23 miles had taken around 7 hours including lunch - which seemed pretty fast to me.


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