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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

UPA 2006 - Hiking

The Experienced Practitioner day at the conference sold out months ago so a few of us organized an Alternative Experienced Practitioner workshop and then went hiking. We had some really interesting discussion before hiking up to Royal Arch on the Flatirons at Chautauqua Park.

Before we left, Larry gave us the benefit of his local knowledge and scared the hell out of everybody with his description of lightening danger. I checked with the Rangers when we arrived and they checked the radar for me - no thunder danger! We thought we might rename Larry 'Lightening Larry' !

Trent (or should it be Tigger?) bouncing during team photo.
upa hikers - kiwi's can jump - trent demonstrating

Hiking with spontaneous workshop discussions built in - this time Nigel and Ken are in conference.
Nigel and Ken in conference

Nice views along the way.
on the way to royal arch

More discussion among Experienced usability professionals.
some UPA folks on a hike

Nearing the top (of the 'false summit' - not everybody's favourite phrase!)

Our lunch stop (probably the best conference lunch spot all week!)
made it! royal arch (at last)

A popular lunch spot apparently. I have never seen such tame chipmunks - they took food from our hands.

Nigel chilling out.
Nigel with his head in the clouds

Under the arch.
lots of arches

View from the Arch.

Happily we all made it back!

Fortunately we only saw one Black Bear and he was stuffed!

I think we all had a nice hike. I certainly did. It was a really good chance to see a little of Denver and get to know people a little better.


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