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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hike with Bently Adventures - 10 miles from Grover Hot Springs to Burnside Lake

Met some of the Bently folks for a hike from Grover Hot Springs to Burnside Lake. Sienna and Heyduke the dog(?) led us Bently folks (Alan, Tony, Doug, Dustin and me).

The hike was pretty steep but we soon climbed out of the trees and got some views. The green patch in the valley is where we started.

Looking back to Grover Hot Springs (where we started)

We passed some impressive waterfalls of palpable power with huge noise and vibrations felt through the ground. It certainly is the season of the snow melt.

Waterfalls near Burnside Lake

Waterfall near Burnside Lake

More of those strange flowers I'd seen up at Faye-Luther.
Wild Flower

Near the top we encountered a fragile snow scape. Most of us found out how fragile by putting our feet down much further than expected. My 'best' was falling through about 3ft of it.
Near Burnside Lake

We were supposed to cross the river at the top (according to my GPS) and head for the lake. With the fragile snow and high waters we decided to err on the side of caution and climbed the nearest high stack of rocks for lunch.

Here's Alan at the top...
Alan at an overlook down to Burnside Lake

And finally, a familiar looking peak which we believe is Pickett's. We usually pass this from the other side on the way to Kirkwood.
Pickett's Peak?

Arriving back at the cars I felt quite fresh, which was surprising. A 10 mile hike feels like a long way usually. The only one with my trunks i stayed behind at the end to enjoy the swimming pool. It was quite disappointing though since people were mainly just sitting around in there and it was all but impossible to even swim the width of the pool. After a while I drove up towards Ebberts, parked my car and sat reading Bag of Bones for a while. It seemed rather hot for cycling Ebberts again so I'm afraid i skipped it.


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