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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cycling Time Trial - 2nd place!

I finally managed a good result in a cycling event. Despite both of my yoga teachers recommending I lay off the running and cycling I couldn't let this race go.

The event was the 15 mile Time Trial in Genoa. The day was quite windless but as the afternoon drew on, the wind appeared. The race it seemed, would be as challenging as ever.

The race director, Christine, advised me to ride as fast as I could. Actually she said, "ride until you are sick, but wait until you have finished before you are actually sick". That's pretty much what I did.

Riders set out 30 seconds apart. I was quite dismayed to be following the guy in group C who beat everyone else convincingly the last time out. I didn't expect to see him for the rest of the race. When we got under way i was surprised to keep my fast friend in sight for a while, though it was about 5 miles before I overtook anyone.

From start to finish I was puffing like I was jogging. The wind was whipping around gustily but rarely head on, which was a blessing.

I pretty much hauled arse the whole way and had to get off my bike and have a little sit down at the end. I managed a 40:55, which was a whole lot better than my 45:50 the last time (though I ran 7 miles at lunch the last time). Everyone seemed to get better times so the wind must have been kinder and the riders a little fitter. On balance though, I was pretty thrilled to come in second. I'm now looking forward to next week's Crit race.


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