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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fredricksburg Two-up Time Trial

I teamed up with Dave VanWagenen for the Fredricksburg time trial. This game involved riding 15 miles hard but as a team. So, each taking a turn at the front as the other rested in the draft behind.

Unfortunately we were the second team off the line and within 4 miles had made up a minute on the folks in front and then had nobody else to chase down. This didn't suit my sheepdog instincts very well.

We rode pretty hard but both Dave and me are quite new to racing so were not a super slick racing machine when working together. I messed up a couple of the u-turns quite badly for example.

About a mile from the end after i had pulled us up a hill, I drifted left to let Dave come through on the inside. He came through like a train and shouted, "this is it" as he dropped me. I gritted my teeth and got back on his wheel, and I think he eased up a bit. Then half a mile out he did the same again!!!! Bike racing is funny like that. As you sit there in the draft for a minute you can have quite a rest. Change down a gear and take it easy. Then when it's your turn to get in front you are full of beans. Throughout the race, as I got in front I pulled quite hard, too hard in fact - I didn't give Dave much chance for a rest.

As a slicker machine I think we would have won it but we were both pretty pleased with a second place (in the Cs).


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