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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Running and Cycle racing

I finally managed to run the whole distance with Dennis and Jim today at lunch, a little over 7 miles. On the way back they were chatting easily at 8 minute mile pace and I was struggling a bit. Over the last mile after we left Jim, I said to Dennis not to wait for me and he really didn't - he shot off at about 6:20 pace! I averaged 8:28 pace, not great and it felt hard too. It's awesome to run around here though. Apparently this terrain is called 'Step' not desert, since it has a bit more bush. We saw some big birds flying around, one which we first thought was a Golden Eagle but turned out to be a Red Tailed Hawk (still impressive but very common).

But later we spied a Turkey Vulture, which I had not seen here before. They look a little ugly (my Gran would've hated to see them!) but they were very impressive to see.

The run was probably not ideal preparation for my first ever time trial at Genoa with Alta Alpina. As a complete novice I set off 7th in catgory D. We went 15 seconds apart and I think by the time I cross the line I had just overtaken all the Ds and 3 of the Cs had stuck it to me in impressive style. Very enjoyable but I still am not sure how to ride something like 15 miles quickly. The ride was quite varied but mainly with swoopy hills and wind against to start. Coming back was very quick, I noticed 35mph a few times with the wind behind me. On this quiet country road we had a variety of things to think about, skateboarders in the road going downhill, skateboarders hanging on to a car going up hill (dodgey), fast motorcycles and about 6 flighty deer hangin around at the side of the road. All great fun, and very well organized, a very impressive club and what seems like a friendly crowd, amongst them some pretty serious cyclists.

I wonder what time I did...


At 2:05 pm, Blogger The Roby Family BLOG said...

We call haning onto a car while skate boarding "hooky-bobbing" (Spelling is not my strength). Just FYI.


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