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Monday, March 20, 2006

Kirkwood Downhill Skiing - A "bluebird day"

Signs leading to Kirkwood made it known that we would need chains on the tyres to get up there today but the road seemed quite dry. We got there without chains. However, i think the authorities put those signs up because they want people to be carrying chains just in case. I don't have much trouble believing that this is sensible, since the weather can come in fast at 8,000ft.

I managed to get Kathryn a guest pass at Kirkwood so that was a bit cheaper. The snow was deep and powdery and the sky was blue, a "bluebird day". Awesome!

Kathryn hasn't done much downhill skiing but enjoyed the runs off chair 7, even thought they were a bit harder than she had done at Heavenly last week. She coped well with the steep stuff on chair 7, and then the bottom of chair 5, which is a bit intimidating. We skied across to chair 1 and then down the back by chair 3, over to the cafe on the backside of the mountain. The skiing was a bit easier for me than I had done recently so I took some shortcuts through the trees to make it more interesting. One was a very steep V shape and when i hit the bottom of the V I came up suddenly and face-to-face with a tree. It took a lot of effort to crash into the snow rather than the tree but i made it and tolerated the embarassment rather than breakages!

We stopped off at Sorensen's, on the way home, for a cuppa. It was such a nice spot we also stayed for dinner. They have lots of log cabins for rent there. Nice, civilised, near the skiing, with all mod cons - but not really a patch on Wild Cat!


At 12:46 pm, Anonymous low cost skiing said...

Whether thats the name of a song or not, I Like It! Wow I cant wait to go back up to the mountain and book a stay there for a couple of nights! Take care!


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