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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Dunlop Drivers Cup - Death Valley, Nevada/California 2006

In the afternoon we kept getting passed by some kind of racing cars, well, both cars and 4x4 trucks. Most were quite courteous but some were way out of line, driving far to close to us and far too fast. They seemed to be doing loops around The Artist's Palette drive in Death Valley.

When we finally got to The Artist's Palette viewpoint we were disappointed to find these (apparently German) 'racing drivers' there playing loud music and spinning their cars around in what I believe is called a doughnut. In the picture you can even see my bike a few feet from this smoking car (if any Police would like the registration details of the car please contact me, I have lots of photos of these antics). This seemed extremely dangerous an unnecessary at a quite tourist spot with tourists trying to enjoy the sunset. It seems a shame that people feel so inadequate that they need to endanger others by putting on such outrageous displays.

dunlop drivers cup out of control in death valley

dunlop drivers cup

Dunlop drivers cup - lunatics on public road in Death Valley

I'm quite a fan of motorsport but was extremely unimpressed at cycling on roads frequented by the lunatics amongst this crowd.


At 7:03 pm, Anonymous Dave Wilkins said...

Dear Carl,

Please accept my apologies if any of the cars came too close to you. These automotive enthusiasts should have been more careful around cyclists.

In fact, one of the events that they competed in was a mountainbike competition, so they should have been aware of your presence.

As you may know by now, we completed all the necessary applications with the proper authorities to drive in this area. Our instructors also stressed safety in all aspects of driving.

The Dunlop Drivers Cup is a unique driving event that covered eight days in southern California. Participants from Europe and the USA competed in Nissan 350 Zs, off road in dune buggies and 4x4 trucks and on ATVs.

It is a celebration of driving...for enthusiasts who share a passion for using driving skills to the fullest. It's also something that anyone can apply to do on a Dunlop Tire website.

Again, please accept my apologies if any car came to close to your bike.

At 10:47 pm, Blogger litsl said...

Hi Dave

Thanks for your comments. Do you really think it is acceptable for cars to do burnouts and doughnuts in a public car park next to a tourist attraction whilst playing loud music?

This seems extremely dangerous and unnecessary to me. If I knew how to contact the Dunlop Driver's Cup to formalise the complaint I would do. Perhaps you could tell me how to do that.




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