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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Skype (or should it be shitepe)

I used to think Skype was a great idea but we're run into loads of problems with it and are about to give up on it completely.

First, it wrecked Mum's computer when she tried to install it.

Then I found out the headset I bought doesn't work on the mac, because the mac has no power to its Mic port.

We discovered the Mac version of Skype is running behind the PC version and doesnt support webcams yet.

We had a little success with using a cheap webcam from my work Windows computer but it was a bit one way, since Kathryn didnt have a webcam.

Then I bought a new headset for the Mac which plugs into USB. This was ok until the 'acoustic shock' problem started. You can be chatting away with the headset on, when suddenly you get blasted with a sudden screeching sound down the headset, loud enough that it hurts (but only audible one end). Not great for having a relaxed conversation.

And then last night we finally managed to get 2 webcams working. Kathryn's picture updated every 14 seconds or so, so not really very dynamic. We could have perhaps forgiven that if Skype had managed to stay running long enough. I reckon in an hour conversation, 45 minutes were spent trying to figure out skype or complaining about it.

Enough with the VOIP, back to the phone I think. Very disappointing.


At 6:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carl, try AIM or MSN Messenger (there are Windows & Mac versions of both). Video & voice work well. - Dave


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