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Thursday, February 23, 2006

5 miles ~7.52min/mile pace

This running lark is quite strange. I didn't feel very motivated to run today but I never know how I'll run until I get started, and from the start today it felt quite easy. I'm sure having a lazy weekend helps pack glycogen into my muscles, making my legs feel strong. Even breathing was easier today.

Even with feeling ok, I was surprised to scrub another 10 seconds per mile from my last pace. I guess one thing about running is that if you make it a regular habit you get better at it as your muscles get used to it. I've only lost about 4lbs and am still about 7lbs over my preferred weight for running. But I'm eating better, exercising loads and not drinking much booze. I wonder how fast I go when I get closer to 180lbs.

I think getting a bit more used to exercise pain from Ron's excellent circuit training is also helping push up the pace.

Great conditions today too. A clear blue sky, cool gentle breeze and more moisture in the air than usual.

1st mile 7.47
2nd mile 8.22 (on dirt)
3rd mile 7.52
4th mile 7.52
5th mile 7.31

(743 calories burned)

This pace is much more consistent than I normally manage, thanks entirely to my GPS virtual partner, an essential but torturous gadget. As I crank down the virtual partner pace, not only is it harder to stay ahead of him, it's much harder to make ground on him! Every time I set the GPS I get nervous about the pace I type in. Mentally, it's nicer to stay ahead of the VP rather than be trying to catch up after he's overtaken me - though both motivations work!

It's nice to feel a bit fitter. I think my next run might need to be a short, faster one - Doug always reminds me to vary the distance. It'd be nice to do a long one too, it's a shame I'm not in the UK for the 18 mile Belvoir race this year.


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