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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bald Eagles

bald eagle topmost in tree
Originally uploaded by CarlMyhill.
Bald Eagles are around for the calving season and I became a twitcher for a day to try to spot one.

The process of finding a Bald Eagle involves driving up and down 395 looking for parked cars next to fields of cows. None too subtle but still impressive to see these huge birds as they patiently await the next birth. They apparently like to eat the fresh afterbirth. Other wildlife seems happy to eat whatever leftover bits of cow they can find. I even saw a couple of Coyotes amongst the cows looking for something to eat.

A great guy let me have a look at a couple of distant Bald Eagles through his huge camera. Very impressive.

After a while I drove on down the road a bit and found a spot to myself. After waiting quite some time I was treated to some big birds circling, and sure enough, when one landed the top of it's head was clearly white (as you can sort of see in the photo).

bald eagles circling near genoaHere they are in the air.

PICT0057.JPGNot a bad spot for bird watching.


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