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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Snow Shoeing Heavenly

Went snow shoeing with Nick and his dogs after work up at Heavenly Ski Resort. It's a kind of dubious endeavour since the guys are out in huge "cats" grooming the slopes with big beam lights on. We hiked up the edge of the ski slopes and got as far as the top of Olympic. The guys working the slopes saw us a few times but seemed ok with us being there - perhaps a bit of entertainment for them! It's foresty commission land so I think we're fine to walk on it.

We hiked from 'Stagecoach' (bottom left) to the top of the Olympic run (top right).

This was about 2,000ft straight up and as you can see in the following photo, it felt like it too! You can see the lights of Carson Valley in the background.

At the top it would've been nice to have some skis to strap on. Instead we tried sitting down, lifting the snow shoes (they are big) and sliding down on our backsides, prodding ourselves along with the poles. This was sadly only effective on the steeper stuff but walking down was quite nice anyway.


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