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A blog I started whilst on a GE "Bubble" assignment in Nevada. I'm back in Cambridge (UK) now but still miss the desert and my friends out there.

Friday, January 20, 2006


My weight is getting out of hand so drastic measures are in order. I seem to weigh 193lbs and measure 37.5 inches around my waist, which is quite a lot over my usual 180lbs!

So, last week I ran every lunchtime (3.5 miles, buring ~ 500 calories) and tried to eat less junk. Scott loaned me his south beach diet book, which seems quite sensible in parts though I dont like that it says to avoid:
- bread
- potatoes
- ketchup
- beer
- Grape nuts

But other than that it seems sensible. Actually I have cooked proper food every day since I've got back too, so that's an improvement as well.

I would like to blame the US for my weight gain but really I think the bulk of it came from my trip to Brazil and the excellent food there (especially for breakfast!).

I somehow think losing 13lbs is not going to be a walk in the park. Oh well, pass the lentils!


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