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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Good movies!

Managed to watch a couple of decent films this weekend. The Island, which is a sci fi thing about cloning; and Motorcycle Diaries which is about a trip around South America that Che Guevara made in his 20's with a friend. Really good and is supposedly an insight into the making of the man but I don't know enough about him to really buy that completely.


At 1:14 pm, Blogger Noel Y. Bava said...

watched the island. really like it. it's one of my most fave sci fi movies.

At 12:47 pm, Anonymous nonstopchris said...

The Motorcycle Diaries is a goodie, but possibly defies the trade descriptions act as there's not much motorcycling given that their machine had to be ditched fairly early on on the trip.


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