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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cooper training and evening with BayChi (Alan Cooper and Philip Greenspun talking)

Had some fun getting some training at Cooper.com today (in Design Communication). Sorry Dave wasn't with us.

In the evening dragged Scott to Palo Alto to a BayChi presentation. Alan Cooper was doing a presentation to a packed auditorium and ran somewhat over time (Philip Greenspun's Blog 1 hour over time! - actually Philip has written quite a long view on Alan's talk which is interesting in itself).

I've seen Alan speak before on a similar subject but this 'Death March' talk was excellent. I had been keen to hear Philip talk since his published stuff on the web about how to build websites is great, like Philip and Alex's guide to web publishing. However, Philip was a little disappointing. He was trying to share an idea with the crowd. Very genuine of him to toss an idea out there for others but I didn't like it that much.

Driving back to town late didnt give us the opportunity to get any food. I hope my employer is taking not of just how much i spend for food when on expenses - zero!


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