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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kathryn's Hols - Day 4 - Wild Cat Cabin and around

We hiked from the cabin somewhat east until, after some scrambling, scratched legs and doubts of where we were (and what lives amongst those rocks up ahead), we eventually came upon the rim trail. Glorious views from up here...

view from nearby cabin

We hiked on until we came upon some snow and eventually, still in our shorts in 4 inches of snow, we crested Snow Valley Peak. Not a very nice peak in itself due to loads of telecoms masts and junk up there but lovely views!


Snow Valley Peak with Mount Rose behind
snow valley peak

We hadn't seen much wildlife during our little stay at Wild Cat Cabin, apart from a few chipmunks, but had a very relaxing time there. It has no running water, no sink, no electricty and a composting toilet but if you cope with that kind of thing you will probably find this as close to paradise as you will find. We could sun bath on the deck in the morning (in fact it was too hot for me) and then be hiking in the snow in the afternoon. But as we returned in the chill of early evening we found the hut still warm from the days sun. What a treasure this place is. Like previous visitors we were pretty sorry to leave.


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