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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Kathryn's Hols - Day 1 - Harley, Lunch with gang, Virginia City, REI and Atlantis Casino

harley heritage

What better way to see Lake Tahoe than on 2 wheels! We had little time so opted for motorised wheels in the form of a Harley Heritage, a lovely bike. The guys at Reno HD warned us off our proposed route up Mount Rose (10,000 ft) because it was possibly snowing up there. One guy went to outrageous lengths to explain the harsh conditions he had previously endured up there. So, we went around Mt Rose and back through Incline Village and over Donner Summit to meet my workmates for lunch in Carson.

heritage, carl, kathryn, amy, sam, scott, dave, chris

Photo shoot following our lunch at Chillis, left to right is me, Kathryn, Amy and Sam, Scott, Dave and Chris (I work with Scott and Dave!), and of course Kathy who took the picture for us.

virginia city

After lunch we cruised back to Reno via Virginia City, famous as the main gold rush town nearby and for it's discovery of "The Mother Lode" - quite a lot of silver. This was a much more interesting place than we expected so we vowed to return when we had more time.

Excellent twisty roads led us back to Reno, just in time to hand back the trusty Harley.

On the way home we couldn't resist spending far too much money in the REI camping shop. We went to experience Denny's for a coffee and to recover.

Having recovered a little we went to the Atlantis casino, just to see what casinos are like, and then had excellent 'all you can eat' sushi in there.

Quite an action packed day!


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