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Friday, July 15, 2005

Highly functional workplace

This place I'm working is great, just te facilities alone are really impressive and make it much easier to exist here, and make you much more effective at work in my view.

We have:
- gymn - towels and soap provided;
- adventure club - equipment for hire (free) from kayaks to bikes to an enormous camp frying pan which could feed 30 people with one go;
- adventure club trips out; rafting, hiking, biking;
- various classes, like yoga, aerobics, etc
- restaurant - cook breakfasts in the morning if you want; several dishes of the day for lunch, plus a salad bar (my usual haunt) and a great sandwich bar (open until 4). You can even bring your family to lunch too. And it is ultra cheap;
- free starbucks coffee on tap all day;
- free fizzy drinks on tap all day (most are high sugary, even the one labelled "100% Vitamin C", which is really at least 98% sugar I think;
- medical centre on site, like a local Doctor Surgery, and again, your family can use it too.

Basically, it is a nice place to work. I'm sure running that stuff is expensive but I bet it pays for itself in reducing work absence, stress and all kinds of things.


Oddballs like me also appreciate the eco-design of the place, like the waterless urinals (though I do wonder how they work), and the alleged water re-use to surround crops.


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