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A blog I started whilst on a GE "Bubble" assignment in Nevada. I'm back in Cambridge (UK) now but still miss the desert and my friends out there.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Los Expedientes X (The X Files)

Well I have no TV reception nor cable and nobody to chat with over food, so I had to do something about that to avoid sitting in front of a computer and eating (get food in keyboard and bad back doing that).

So I got a DVD player ($30 !), which is excellent. I then signed up for infinite movies at Blockbuster but can only have 2 at a time, for a cost of $24.

Entonces, tengo Los Expedientes X con cenar! I have the X Files, with Spanish Subtitles to watch with my dinner (in my big creeking wooden house, in a very dark street). So far have got through episodes 1-8 of Series 1 and I have to admitt that I quite look forward to something to watch with my dinner. And it's quite nice at the end of each episode that the TV doesn't just stay on as I see what else is on the Telly. It really is an X-files dedicated machine! And they are served up in handy portions.

Just off to get episode 9-16 !


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