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A blog I started whilst on a GE "Bubble" assignment in Nevada. I'm back in Cambridge (UK) now but still miss the desert and my friends out there.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Early Morning Swim with the Minden Manatees 5.30am-7.00am

Finally made contact with the local masters swimming club in Minden. They are the Manatees and number from about 4 to about 10. This morning there were 5 of us but with a couple of others who seemed part of the club too.

Very friendly bunch and very welcoming of a new face. I couldn't keep up with the programme but I haven't trained in the pool for a few weeks and am still a little knackered from the Death Ride.

Good bunch though, so will be getting up at 4:45am 3 times a week now. This will no doubt aid my transition to UK time!

Pool is great. It's a heated outdoor pool with an unobstructed view of the mountains. Grand!


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