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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 mile Time Trial - new PB even with Asthma - 25:38

I've been wondering for a while how fast I could cycle 10 miles on a less "sporting" (hilly) course.

I've not trained for a while and my asthma is playing up a bit so I wasn't completely on form. Nobody else took water along during the Time Trial and I followed the herd and regretted it about 2 miles in.

I didn't push it as much as I have on previous events but I did catch 2 people up tonight. One of them overtook me again and I took him again and this went on for a while. Such mental games add something to my speed as did wearing a Garmin GPS.

So, the Team Cambridge TT saw a time of 25:38 which works out as an average of 23.41 mph - I'm quite pleased with that given my fitness level but it is unlikely to be quick enough for the National Relays this weekend or my surprise new entry into London Triathlon. Just checking the results I noticed my team mate for the National Relays beat me by 6 seconds and I didn't even know he was in the Time Trial! As Don says, he is old enough to be my Dad - he still kicks my arse!



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