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Monday, July 14, 2008

My Bike (Bike Friday Tikit) was thrown off a train!

I don't know what is wrong with my country. I cycled for an hour across central london last night because getting the metro (the Tube we call it) is a nightmare even with a folding bike. Riding across London is much more fun and is faster than the metro. We even have nice cycling maps of London now thanks to TFL. At night the Night Rider headlamp is great too - I think cars sometimes think I'm a motorbike because the light is so bright. It's actually quite enjoyable cycling across London.

I arrived at Kings Cross Station and got on a busy Train from London to Cambridge. I had to put my folded Tikit in the doorway next to a folded wheelchair. There wasn't much room to get out of the train door but it wasn't terrible (the train was generally packed). My folded Tikit is standing up much better now it has the rear rack on it, which helped a lot with making it take up space.

During the journey I had the last seat available in the carriage, unfortunately next to the Window with the guy next to me mostly asleep. It made it hard to leap up to keep a good check on the Tikit but I kept an eye on people getting on and off the train to ensure they had room. When we pulled into Baldock, 2 stops before Cambridge, an old bloke shouted, 'whose bike is this?' and then 'I'm going to throw it off the train'. You know what, as the doors opened he picked up my Tikit and hurled it out of the doors onto the Platform below. I am still angry about it - what is it with people?

I've made a report to the Police who are checking CCTV coverage to see if they can pick this old guy up for Criminal Damage.

Sadly my hyperfold bike is looking a bit bent and sad now. I think the stem is a bit bent and the front chainring is quite bent making is hardly ride-able. I'll have to get it to Chris' Bikes to see if they can straighten it out.


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