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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thousands of Secret Prisoners held - by whom do you think?

Guess which country is holding thousands of people in secret detention? Who would use secret prisons in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Macedonia, Kosovo, Libya and a host of other countries? Who would hold prisoners in secret prison ships?

What kind of country would hold people without charge or even acknowledgement that they are being held at all? Not even the Red Cross can reach them.

What kind of country routinely tortures prisoners so held? Who would keep prisoners in a cell the size of a transit van with lights and white noise permanently for 19 months?

What sort of a country would detain and interrogate children as young as seven?

These sound like the actions of some monstrous dictatorship flouting the Geneva Convention and international pressure.

How can this be happening? Why don't we do something about it?

WHO is responsible?
- North Korea? no
- China? no
- Zimbarbwe? no
- Russia? no

Would you believe, America?

Monbiot explains, with references.

I think we, and the Americans in particular, are in urgent need of an Obama presidency. I wonder how he will ever begin to repair the foreign policy he will inherit.


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