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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cambridge Emmaus on Ebay !

Since about October I've been talking with the local Emmaus about ebay and wondering why they don't sell on there. It turns out they DO sell on ebay but, even the geek that I am couldn't find them on there.

This week I approached them again to ask why they don't link their ebay activities to their webpage and even offered to do it for them for free. It was a fairly frustrating conversation. When I went running lunchtime i had an idea - why not build a prototype to show them what it would look like. So I did, and with ebay's togo service it only took about an hour. Here's my prototype...


I thought they'd be annoyed that I had been so sneaky but it worked and they got interested. One day later they put my protype to work and now, anyone can see what Cambridge Emmaus has on ebay right now, right here...


I hope this makes a lot of money for them. They are a very nice charity.


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