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Monday, March 17, 2008

Late valentines day - 7 new lightbulbs!

At the weekend I gave Yolanda her valentines day present, a bit late. I bought her a selection of lightbulbs for her kitchen.

One of the bulbs I took out was a 50W halogen downlight. Oddly enough, the photo (left) is of any old halogen downlight so you can see the style I'm talking about. I've just noticed that this specific picture (which I got from a google image search) is from an eco website claiming that 20W halogens are environmental!

I put in 7 new lights. 2 were 1.8W LEDs, 2 were 7w compact flourescent replacements to the downlights (a bit brighter and more diffuse light than the LEDs), 2 were 9W flourescents for another spot in the kitchen - spotlights; and one was for the fridge (15w incandescent).

1.8w x 2 = 3.6w
7w x 2 = 14w
9w x 2 = 18w
15w x 1 = 15w

Total = 50.6W

So, I got 7 bulbs installed in the kitchen using exactly the same power as just one of the old bulbs.

If Yolanda's original light fittings had all the bulbs in it, we'd have seen:
50w low voltage lights x 4 = 200W
60w spot lights x 2 = 120W
15w fridge light = 15w

Total = 335W

Remember in the old days when we had one long strip light in the kitchen for all the light? They used to be 55W. What happened? Did we just get greedy?

Buy LED lights now!!!! They cost about 5 quid from QVS


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