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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ready Meals for the lazy

It's odd but since I've been back in England my diet has unexpectedly improved and it has been no hassle at all.

It all started when I signed up for an organic box scheme. Now a nice lady called Doreen delivers me a mixed bag of vegetables, fresh eggs and apples; every couple of weeks. I don't even have a receipe book but I have found that chopping everything up and shoving it in a pan makes good soup. Extra flavour from the organic nature of the food is always helpful.

The most impressive thing is that I only have to cook every few days, so I am just as lazy now as I ever was. I just cook so much that I end up filling the freezer with homemade ready meals, instead of buying them.

I'm surprised, I thought all this healthy eating would be more hassle but it is really less hassle and I feel particularly smug tucking in to one of my own ready meals!

I am no saint though - I still eat far too much bread and cheese too, but the bread is normally the very cheap discounted stuff just about to be thrown out by the supermarket.

I caused a bit of a fuss in one local supermarket, the Tesco Express in Histon. I wanted some eggs but two in the box were broken so I asked for a discount (I didn't need 6). They explained they would have to throw them out. I stamped my feet a bit and ended up being able to buy them. When I was in there last week I saw their cheap counter now features eggs with some of them broken! Hurrah! They are no longer throwing them out. A further point of interest is that I even ended up eating the eggs that were broken from the original box - they tasted fine! I think the inner membrane was intact.


At 9:20 am, Anonymous Paul said...

Visited Morrisons for a change - individually shrink-wrapped peppers - ggrrrrr!!!!!


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