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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

James Connaughton (Climate Criminal) - Chairman of Whitehouse Council on Environmental Quality & Senior Environmental Advisor to President Bush

As I sit here watching a press conference on the environment by James Connaughton I am struck and sickened to the extent to which this spineless, weasley, disingenous, liar commands the senior position in the USA on the environment. I'd better not write more since I'm spitting teeth. I wonder how he sleeps at night.

Take a look at someone we will assuredly look back on as a climate criminal.

It's hard to even begin to summarize elements of the total bollox he was talking only this evening. For one thing he claimed there is already a price on carbon emissions, that being the cost of energy. Well, digging up coal and burning it surely does have a cost associated with it but perhaps that pales into insignificance with the cost of the utter destruction of our planet from so doing. What a twisted monster this man is.

He talked also about the fact that it is no good cutting emissions here if the problem only moves overseas. It's an interesting point. When we see tables of the worst countries for carbon emissions we have become used to seeing the USA as the worst of them but the next sentence nearly always mentions China's growth. What seems to be missed in looking at the absolute emissions from China is that 14% of their carbon emissions are from making products FOR THE USA. Perhaps that 14% should be tacked on to the USAs total.

What we need is more scientists leading these issues, not political, spineless weasels pushing junk information. I can't believe we are prepared to listen to this kind of crap with a crisis like global warming on the table.


At 9:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I am interested in what you may know about Mr. Connaughton. I am one of the responders to the WTC site after 9/11 and am trying to find info so as to wrap my mind around what this guy did.

My own blog is at CooperStreetViews@blogspot.com.

I would love to hear from you and hope you will write me.




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