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Monday, August 28, 2006

Pete Robino's (Captain Protein) Leaving Do - Hiking Mount Tallac (10 miles?)

Sienna, our 'leaving do' and general party consultant, worked with Pete to arrange a small leaving hike on Sunday.

We started the day by meeting at the awesome Alpina Cafe on the Emerald Bay Road. Wow - this is a really nice cafe with a huge selection of tea and some really nice food.

A little late in starting again we eventually were getting on with getting up Mount Tallac. Here we are in front of a patch of snow (in late August!!!).
Pete's Leaving do Hike - Tallac

As we neared the top we walked past a kid throwing rocks over the side of the mountain, apparently trying to start a rock slide. We stopped and stared in disapproval. As the Father picked up a rock and threw it down the mountain I could not hold off any longer and had to say something. I was planning to be pretty calm about it but got a bit annoyed. Well, at least we said something, though I suspect they would do it again. Needless to say throwing rocks over the edge of a popular mountain is not smart and could kill people.

Here's Pete at the top pulling an appropriate superhero face as he consumes huge quantities of milk. This picture was taken shortly before Captain Protein was accosted by a chipmunk who ended up eating half a Cliff Bar (needless to say he was quite a fat little fellow - who gave us considerable cause for concern later as we read on a poster that the chipmunks carry bubonic plague around here).
Pete pulling faces on top of Mount Tallac

We did a bit of yoga up there too (well Sienna is our yoga teacher). Here is a failed attempt at Crow pose.
Carl doing the crow pose (again)

And here is The Tree (Apple variety)...
Carl doing The Tree pose (again)

We couldn't be bothered to walk over to the snow to make snow angles so we made some granite angles instead...
Granite Angels (too lazy to walk to the snow) on Tallac

View from the top...
Beautiful View from Tallac

And a view towards South Lake Tahoe (the lowpoint in the distant mountain range is where I live - Heavenly Village)...
Fallen Leaf, Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe

Sienna and Julie...
Sienna (with

And we topped off the day with a little excellent beer and pizza at The Brewery...
Sienna (with

Julie, Pete and Scott with a little Ale

Luckily we got a little tipsy otherwise we would have become quite quite sad about our friend Pete leaving...
Had a few bears at The Brewery (South Lake)

We ended the day with some late night indian coffees at Nikki Chaat Indian restaurant.


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