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Sunday, August 27, 2006

A nice long run - 13 miles

Joined Julie this morning for a training run. The Sac Fit running club has a huge turnout and seemed a very inclusive group with a very with range of ability and fitness level. We joined the half marathon training group and were paced out at 11 minute mile + pace. Julie turned around at 5.5 miles to put in 11 miles. I carried on an extra mile to do the 13 miles, with the thought that i might catch her up on the way back. After the first 6.5 miles at a slow pace I felt really good and accelerated away from the group at the turn-around.

For a couple of miles I was gaining on an older guy who was running well (it later turned out it was Julie's friend Dave). My pace wasn't much stronger than his so I had to play a few mental games. I pulled in behind him and rested up. Then as he was overtaking some other folks I did a bit of a pickup, racing past him at quite a pace. It seemed to work and I lost him and eased back my pace.

I eventually caught up an English guy from Eastbourne called Keith. He was running a bit slower than I expected and we ended up slowing down quite a bit as we chatted our way through the next 4 miles. Overall, a very nice 13 mile training run.

huge and very impressively inclusive running club Sac Fit


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