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Friday, August 25, 2006

Bear Chasing - a new sport

Got home tonight to the sight of a large fury blob on top of the bins. As usual, someone had not secured the bins properly. Partly this is a problem with the design of the bins - the steel cable attaching the clip is frayed and is a nuisance to fit so people leave it off, leaving the door open to the bears.

I'm not sure if this was the same bear as before or not but it sure looked bigger. I reckon this one was well over 200lbs and perhaps 300lbs. I was a little wary of jumping out of the car and scaring him off. As I approached he eased himself between the two bins and behind them with all the dexterity of a monkey. He turned around and popped his head between the bins and then ambled over the edge of the hill (it's a steep drop to the forest from there). I drove the car up to the bins and got out armed with head torch and bear spray. I did my Englishman hand clapping method of scaring bears and peered over the edge into the darkness of the trees disappearing down the slope. I think the may have been the big shadowy shape sitting under the base of the bin's shed but I wasn't sure. I just made some noise and secured both bins.

I felt less scared this time but still very wary. If this thing decided on a whim that I was pissing him off he could come at me. I think that is highly unusual but I was pleased to have bear spray in hand.

Beautiful creature. I just hope his taste for our calorific food doesn't end up getting him shot.


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